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Last update: 1st November 2009
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At CV Expert inc., we know how important it is to protect your personal information. You can reach and visit most of the pages of our websites and without giving any information concerning your personal identity. On the other hand, sometimes we may need information on you to provide the services that you are asking and this Privacy Statement will explain to you how we collect and use the information. This Privacy Statement is applying uniquely at and at Please read attentively the Privacy Statement of and to use these Websites.

Collection of personal information

We will ask you for information to identify yourself or in case we want to contact you. In general, these information are necessary when you have to subscribe by email or buying and save some CV Expert inc. products. The personal information collected by and are limited. We can ask you for your email and the place you live but they can contain other necessary information to provide the service you're asking for. In case the transaction necessitates a payment, we will ask you to provide personal information for the bill and the shipping such as your last name, first name, name of your company, address, city, province, country, postal code, telephone number, email and credit card number (If applicable). and equally collect certain data concerning your material and your software. These data contain: IP address, the type of your navigator, your system information and the addresses of the web sites that you came from. These data are used to maintain the quality of the service and to provide some general statistics concerning the use of and of

CV Expert inc. equally collects the information of the pages that have visited on and These data are simply identified by a unique identity and are never related to the personal information concerning you.

Use of your personal information provided

We use you personal information in the next specific goals:

- To assure us that our site correctly respond at your expectations;

- To provide you some services such as the subscription to our software, some news bulletin, some particular events, some formations or some software that have acquired;

- To help us to create and to provide content more appropriate at your special offers, the newness, the updates of information and other new services of CV Expert inc.;

- To allow you of having access at some zones of limited access of our Web sites;

- To administrate some events and promotions

- To offer some new products and services;

- To evaluate and improve the efficacy of our web sites or of our marketing activities.

If you do not provide us certain of your personal information, it is possible that we cannot offer you certain services mentioned above. Sometime, we also ask to other enterprises to provide certain services for us as an example the sending and the delivery of CV Expert inc. products, the response to the questions of our clients concerning some products or some services, everything that concern the technical support, the sending of mailing post and the treatment of inscriptions at some events. We are providing these enterprises only the information of which they need to provide the service and it is strictly not allowed for them to use this information at any other end. We assure you that we will take the measures to be sure that your personal information will be used correctly and that it is conform to this Privacy Statement. If you do not want us to provide your personal information at these providers of services, it can be possible that we will not be able to deal with your requests.

CV Expert inc. will communicate your personal information, without notice, uniquely if the law requires it or if we think that it’s necessary to : (a) To conform ourselves at some decrees of law or at a legal procedure engaged against CV Expert inc. or some Web sites ; (b) To protect and defend the rights or the ownership of CV Expert inc. and of these Web sites and : (c) to act in some urgent cases to protect the personal security of the users of the Web sites of CV Expert inc., of its Web sites or from the public : (d) To provide some information if we have some valid reasons to think that it can be of our duty to provide some information in an investigation on an illegal activity ; (e) To conform ourselves at a mandate or at a tribunal order, of a person or of an entity having the power to require the divulgation of these information ; (f) to provide some information at our juridical councilor.

Your personal information can be stocked and used by CV Expert inc. in the province of Quebec in Canada and somewhere else in the world by some other branches of CV Expert inc.. By using this site, you agree to such transfers of your personal information outside of your province or your country.

Control of your personal information provided

When you are registered, or that you communicate some personal information, and do not share this information with some societies without your agreement, excepting in the case of the exceptions quoted before. It will be used only in the goals mentioned above.

The inscription allows you to indicate us if you wish that CV Expert inc. communicate with you.

Access to your personal information provided or not

You have a right to access to the modification, the rectification and the deletion of the data concerning your personal information. In such a case, you can warn us (see the ways of communications at the end of this Privacy Statement).

Security of your personal information provided or not

CV Expert inc. undertakes to protect your personal information. We appeal many procedures of security in order to ensure the protection of your personal information and avoid that it will not be consulted, used or dilvulged without authorization. For example, we stock the information that you’re providing us in some servers of which the access is limited and that are situated in some supervised installations, unless the pages concerned on the Web sites and indicate a contrary mention. In this last care, you assume all by yourself the responsibility. When we transmit some confidential information on Internet (a credit card number, for example), these information are protected by the means of an encoding system and secured by the Internet Secure Company.

Modifications and occasionally update this Privacy Statement. In this care, each time that we will update this Privacy Statement, we will write there the date at whom the modifications were brought, this one being on top of this Privacy Statement under the entitled: ''Last update''. This Privacy Statement can change for many reasons, we can modify it in consequences of the changes in our service, with the evolution of technology which would influence nature or content of the elements of the Web sites and and of its products, and finally concerning the laws in force which would oblige CV Expert inc. to perform some changes. Then, we will be able to add, modify or remove some parts of this Privacy Statement if we think that it's advisable to do it to ensure the best way to protect the interests of our clients and of CV Expert inc..


CV Expert inc. is responsible of all the personal information directly related at its Web sites. For any information, question, preoccupation or complaint concerning this present Privacy Statement, you can communicate with us by email or by postal mail. Your comments concerning this Privacy Statement are welcome!

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